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St. John in the Wilderness Folk:

Happy Mothers Day! 

Mothers are great sources of wisdom and joy, mothers love us unconditionally (while often actively trying to help us find our ways in life).  If your mother is still with you on earth…give her a call or a note or even a hug if she is in your Covid bubble, if she is with God…God bless her. 

Jim and Marie Foubister updated our church sign as you can see in the attached pdf …“Thank you Mother for all you do, for all you are”  and “Motherhood, All love begins and end there”.  Wise words – Thank you! 

Jim Mayer – Thank You for the Stain Glass Dove and All it Means

Jim and Sue came safely back from their US stay a while back….and over the last couple of weeks Jim graciously mounted a beautiful stain glass dove which he made.  What a lovely way to welcome the Holy Spirit to us all during Easter!  Thank you, Jim. 

Deanery Council Meeting

The Deanery Council Meeting previously scheduled for May 12 at 7pm has been CANCELLED  

Church Services and Sunday School

Reverends Shaun Eaton and Rishi Sativihari continue doing a great job on our 10:30 am Live Facebook services each Sunday morning – and the WiFi rocks now…the Facebook picture and sound are crisp and clear! 

  • If the weak signal caused you to stop joining…come on back and try again😉 

Brenden Fraser and Ken Walker post music on our Facebook cite to go along with the service.  Brenden has learned to post 4 part harmony with him singing all four parts…very beautiful!  Reverend Shaun also distributes his sermons via e-mail; in addition, they are posted on our website at www.stjohninthewilderness.com and on our Facebook page.

Leslie Grieve and Deb Walker continue to mail Sunday School lessons out to 22 children in our congregation, thanks to Leslie and Bruce Grieve for covering the printing and mailing costs. It is a joy when we get a picture of our kids at Home-Sunday-School – though we look forward to getting back to our church hall at some point! 

Note that our Facebook page has a privacy setting which does not allow sharing of posts beyond the page.  In addition, members are screened by our FB administrators (Peter Langille, Shaun Eaton, Ken Walker, Haley Walker) – this helps to protect the privacy of all our parishioners in our FB, including our kids, when their parents post their pictures.

WiFi Up-Grade – Our WiFi Rocks Now – Even Folks like Lanna and Emma-Li and Perrin Would Agree!

Our Facebook Live Services were suffering from our old/outdated WiFi….But now our WiFi Rocks (slang for it is really really awesome) and our Facebook Live Services at 10:30 am Sundays are Crisp and Clear – WHOO WHOO!

Thanks very much to Gord MacKenzie, Mike Moloney, Brian Fogg, Deb Walker and a grant from the Huron Development Fund/Diocese of Huron aimed toward technology needed by parishes to assist in keeping in contact with parishioners.  It only took about $1000.00 and the four folks a couple to days to make the WiFi so good that we believe some of our biggest, but sometimes frustrated users, will even say “It Rocks” when they return after Covid…yes we mean Perrin, Lanna and Emma-Li…we miss you young ladies! 

Karl Schmid is currently measuring and designing a couple of small wooden shelves/itsy-bitsy-cribs to support and protect the routers and nodes we have in place around the church….we will post pictures of them once Karl completes the beautiful woodwork.

We might even be able to support a biblical digital gaming night after Covid we have so much WiFi.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team of Shaun Eaton, Janice McAlpine, Nancy Mann and Sandra Fraser continue to contact all of our parishioners – and they tell us that you folk are handling social distancing well.  That is great to hear!  Should you feel the need for pastoral care/emergency pastoral care, please contact your wardens Peter Langille (519-402-3539) or Deb Walker (519-339-0693) so we may connect a Pastoral Care Team member with you. 

Fundscrip – A Gift Card Fundraiser for the Whole Congregation – Now On-Line for St. John in the Wilderness 

Per our April 24 E-Blast, our Fundscrip Fundraiser is now on-line….and here is an endorsement from Deb Walker: 

“I am a convert to scannable gift cards, previously I only purchased gift cards as gifts to folks at Christmas – now I purchase them every couple of weeks for use by me!….I can have my Foodland gift cards scanned at Foodland without having to touch that yucky keypad for my debit/Visa PIN number…and given Covid …I have not touched real physical money in weeks and weeks”.

This is a significant fundraiser for our church and brings other great benefits especially during Covid…consider engaging in these cards (for Foodland, Metro, Shoppers, etc.); more information on Fundscrip is attached.

Treasurers’ Comments

Thank you to everyone for your financial support during this difficult time it is greatly appreciated. We continue to offer three methods of donations; preauthorized payment (PAP) through the diocese on a monthly basis; Cheques payable to the church which will be deposited after the 15th of each month; and automatic deposit E-transfers (Interac via stjohnitwdonation@cogeco.net), which has been successfully adopted by several parishioners. Any questions can be directed to either Brian Fogg or Dave Hains. Thanks again for your support.

Yours in faith,

Heather Holbrook, Peter Langille and Deb Walker

Secretary and Wardens

St. John in the Wilderness Church

Church webpage: http://stjohninthewilderness.com

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Church E-transfer E-Mail: stjohnitwdonation@cogeco.net

Church Telephone: 519-869-2403

Reverend Shaun Eaton

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