Upcoming Events

Saturday March 7

Our turn to serve at the Inn of the Good Shepherd from 4:30-5:30 pm

Sunday March 8

Second Sunday of Lent

8:30 am- Old English Rite (Book of Common Prayer)

10:30 am- Contemporary Rite (Book of Alternative Services) 

Monday March 9                   

        7:15 pm - Choir 

Tuesday March 10                

       9:00 am -  Scrapbooking/Crafting

       7:00 pm - Meditation(Sanctuary)

       7:30 pm -  AA (parish hall)   

Wednesday March 11 

      9:00 am - AA

      1:00 pm- Prayer Shawl

      7:00 pm - Book Study

Thursday March 12

      10:00 am -  Ladies Scrapbooking

       3:00 pm - Meditation(Sanctuary) 

       7:00 pm Congregational Council meeting

Saturday, March 14

          7:00 pm - AA


Please Note: Remember to move your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night for Daylight Savings Time!

Fundscript: Fundscript Sunday for March will be TODAY, March 8th. Please consider participating in this worthwhile fundraiser.

Thank You, Jean Dennis, for this month’s birthday cake for Huron House Boys Home

Huron Church Camp: Registration is now open for Huron Church Camp. If you are interested or want more details please contact one of  our wardens - Peter Langille or Deb Walker by March 31st.


Please Note: Palm Sunday will be soup & sandwich day. We are looking for a couple of soup chefs!

ACW Annual Meeting: This will be held on April 25th in London. If you are interested in attending, please speak to Nancy. Lunch is served at $15.00, payable in advance by April 5th.

Please Note:  We have church cards for sale. They are $5 for a pkg of 5 cards. If you wish to order cards there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall.

Fundscript: $222.05 raised to date for 2020.

Readings for Sunday, March 15, 2020

Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 95, Romans 5:1-11, John 4: 5-42

Helping Hands – March 8

Greeters –Joan & Ron                                    Communion – Nancy

Sidespersons – Joan & Ron                          Servers –Lyn

Counters – Brenda & Brent                          Altar - (8:00) Jean (10:30) Sandra

Readers – Nicole & Ingrid                             Coffee –  Sandra L

Prayers – Bob                                                   Cleaning –Lamoureux


Helping Hands – March 15

Greeters –Maggie                                           Communion – Mavis

Sidespersons – Brian                                      Servers –Mavis

Counters – Ingrid & Al                                    Altar - (8:00) Jean (10:30) Brenda

Readers – Mavis & Jim                                   Coffee – Polands

Prayers – Brenden                                          Cleaning –Walker

Secretary’s Office Hours

Mondays and Fridays 9am-1pm

Rector’s Office Hours

Fr Shaun’s Cell #: (519)312-4294

Thursdays 3pm-7pm &

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