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Sunday July 25th is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost, and The Reverend Amanda Longmoore will lead us in in-person worship at the church in 2 services inside our church building – Alleluia!

An 8:00 am BCP Holy Eucharist service

A 10:30 am Holy Eucharist service

Our plan is that Peter Langille will issue Evite invitations to both services on Thursday of this week. Peter has some technical issues to work through with issuing Evites for two separate services on the same day…so please check your email regularly for any updates during the week.

Note we are using Evite even for the early service because if we have more than 20 people who try to reserve for the 10:30 am service, some folks may want to attend the 8:00 am BCP service if they cannot get into the 10:30 am service. We will look to try to assure everyone who wants to, gets to attend a 10:30 am service at some point each month.

The 8:00 am Evite will initially only go the 19 regular attendees of this service.

The 10:30 am Evite will go too everyone on the parish list.

We must maintain 2-meter distance in church, wear masks and minimize conversation. In addition, we request that those joining us in worship at 8:00 am and 10:30 am services and who are eligible be 14 days or more past their second Covid-19 vaccination.

The readings are 2 Samuel 11: 1 – 15 “David Commits Adultery with Bathsheba” and Ephesians 3: 14 – 21 “A Prayer for the Ephesians – Spiritual Strength”. The gospel is John 6: 1 – 21 “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand”.

Doug Winch will read at the 8:00 am service.

At the 10:30 am service Ingrid Schmid will read. Ken Walker will sing Psalm 14 “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God”. Ken, Brenden Fraser, and Susan Halliday will bring music and song. Mavis Schmid will offer the Prayers of the People.

If you have people you would like on the Prayers of the People list, or an anniversary/birthday wish you would like announced with joy at the start of our service, please hit “Reply” to this email by Thursday evening to send the information to the church email. Be sure to indicate something like “Prayers of People”, “Birthday”, and/or “Anniversary” next to the names of the people you list. Heather Holbrook will look at the church email on Friday mornings and gather the names to be added to the lists which will be read Sunday. We will also have a list you may add to at the outdoor service (again pending weather).

Please come join us in worship. Alleluia!


Rev Amanda Longmoore, Peter Langille, Deb Walker and Heather Holbrook

Interim Priest. Amanda Longmoore (Amanda)

Wardens, Deb Walker, Peter Langille (Peter), (Deb)


Reader’s list for April 2021

St. John in the Wilderness Bright's Grove supports Bill C6 banning conversion therapy. For more information click here. 

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St John in the Wilderness Anglican Church Brights Grove

2896 Old Lakeshore Rd., Bright’s Grove, ON, N0N 1C0  

Established 1857

Rector: The Reverend Shaun Eaton

Interim Priest: Amanda Longmoore:

The Ministers: The People of St. John in the Wilderness 

Organist: Susan Halliday

Music Director: Mr. Brenden Fraser 

Secretary: Ms Heather Holbrook 

Phone: 519-869-2403 



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