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Sunday November 22

This Sunday Reverend Dave Hewett will lead 2 virtual Morning Prayer services for us:

  1. A BCP Morning Prayer service via Zoom at 8:30 am… traditional attendees of the 8:30 am service pre-Covid will receive a Zoom meeting invitation to this via email from Deb Walker.  Should you want an invitation but your are not a regular 8:30 am attendee, please contact Deb Walker at 519-339-0693 (text or call).
  2. Our traditional Morning Prayer Facebook Live service at 10:30 am… if you want to join just login around 10:20 am. 


We are entering into Advent and then Christmas, and we have found you have a number of logistic-type questions….being great Anglicans.  So this issue has a little more church-business focus than most.  Some highlight’s in this edition of Honey & Locust include: 

  • A one-page table summary of our church services until December 20 (see page 9).
  • If you want a 2021 Anglican Church of Canada calendar…call Deb by the end of today to get your order in (page6)
  • November Fundscrip fundraiser; annual drive to support a family in need at Christmas in Camlachie/Bright’s Grove;  Bible Study in December; updates on Vestry preparation, an outreach donation and more.
    • To contact Sandra Fraser for Fundscrip and/or donating for the needy family at Christmas…call her at 519-869-2391 or email her at .  November 28 is the deadline for this.
  • Hello’s from Pauline Walsh and Diana Anderson and a reflection on Advent from Janice McAlpine.


As the Advent and Christmas seasons approach may you seek and experience peace, goodwill, meaning and joy.


Heather Holbrook, Deb Walker, Peter Langille and Janice McAlpine

Secretary, Wardens, and Lay Reader

St. John in the Wilderness Bright's Grove

Church webpage:  <>

Church Facebook Group: St John in the Wilderness Anglican Church, Bright's
Grove, ON

Church E-Mail:  <>

Church E-transfer E-Mail:  <>

Church Telephone: 519-869-2403

Reverend Shaun Eaton

2896 Old Lakeshore Road

Bright's Grove, ON, N0N 1C0

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St John in the Wilderness Anglican Church Brights Grove

2896 Old Lakeshore Rd., Bright’s Grove, ON, N0N 1C0  

Established 1857

Rector: The Reverend Shaun Eaton

The Ministers: The People of St. John in the Wilderness 

Organist: Susan Halliday

Music Director: Mr. Brenden Fraser 

Secretary: Ms Heather Holbrook 

Phone: 519-869-2403 



Want to bring your electronic device to church? The Wifi password at St John in the Wilderness is $Churchisgreat1


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